Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day Twenty Four - Surprises

There are 2 essential beginning posts to read to understand what this blog is about:
Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

It is absolutely FUN to take on a challenge and see where it leads you. These last 2 weeks have been very interesting. I have suffered in body, more ways than one. First, what I thought was a urine infection and then perhaps even prostate problems which all turned out to be a small kidney stone, dang little thing was pretty painful for such a small feller. Then I figure if I am going to get up on stage I ought to at least lose my tummy. So I go to the gym to work out. Now I am so sore I can hardly type.

Then I suffer in spirit, figuring that I am going to get my book in the Frankfurt Book Fair, I miss the deadline and when I want to get in a JV I am not ready for that either and miss that. Ok how much crap can a guy take??? I am a pretty positive guy but some days you would think, man I could use a break.

Well nice thought! On the Mastermind call tonight I was feeling pretty low and was left til the last and just thought "Great for all you guys!" Because the mastermind partners seemed to be doing good, and I'll just put up and shut up with all my seeming hurts, pains and failures, but at the last minute... A.J. (out mastermind moderator) shines through and gets me back on track!! He wouldn't let me back out and NOT do something with him on a JV!! Interesting Stuff...stay tuned for some exciting news as we work out the details. Persistence pays off!! Guaranteed!
See you tomorrow!

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