Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day Seven - Understanding COnCEPT Q

Today is beach day. So we went to the beach. On the way Rosa and I got into a discussion about finances (which hasn't always been the easiest for us.) Part of the indemnification pay for the injury I had I am investing in the printing of my book There Is No Power In Chaos.

Strong feelings of loss come up for her because of investments that I have made before that have "not gone so well." It is only natural those setbacks and the not quite making it experiences set the ceiling and give her the standard Q1 feeling of "you've tried before and it didn't work so why is this time going to be different?"

Me, on the other hand, I am willing to bang my head against the ceiling knowing that sooner of later I will break through. It is like the story of Darby and his uncle in that Napoleon Hill writes about in Think and Grow Rich, where they stop three feet from a very rich gold vein. At what point do I give in?

On the beach I asked her if I make the book a best seller will she read it? She says she already knows what is in the book, more or less... and it doesn't work.

I respond to her that, I know what is in the book also... more or less, (I continue to learn all the time)... and because I understand it, that is EXACTLY why I KNOW it is at work.

Anyone who tells you that all you gotta do is think and sooner or later what you think about will appear IS doing you a disservice beyond what you can imagine!

Accomplishment not only requires intelligent thought, planning and correct action but it will bring with it a test. If you cannot pass the test you don't get the reward. Simple yet as complicated as that. Oh yes, There Is No Power In Chaos will be a best seller. If not this time, it will be the next. And I will continue to pound the ceiling until I break through.

Hey, have a great day! And see you in the next post!!

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