Saturday, July 7, 2007

From the Mediterranean Coast

I write today from the sunny beach on the Costa Brava next to the Mediterranean sea. The water is still just a bit chilly until you get used to it but it is crystal clear and great to swim in. Yes, I know that I had to take my hand written text and type it in to this blog, but my feelings and my thoughts are when I was lying on the beach under my big umbrella. We only live 25 minutes away and my wife is kind enough to demand that I take her on Saturday mornings during the summer months. If she didn't make me come I might be tempted to just stay in front of the computer all day. It is good to be by the sea and in the sun. It feels good and recharges my batteries.

Today I needed to relax a little and get ready because tomorrow begins the 90-day case history. I feel a bit apprehensive and a little nervous but I suppose that is normal when you don't know the outcome of what lies ahead. During the next three months I have many things that I need a lot of energy to be able to complete them. This blog is one of my commitments so that I can develop a closer relationship to the future readers of my new book.

I also have a wedding to help get ready for. My youngest daughter is getting married. Yippee! I am excited for her. (But not so excited about my pocketbook ;-( That will require a bunch of effort to put on two receptions, one in the US and the other here in Spain. With the launch less than two weeks later it will be interesting for all of you to see if I survive ;-).

This afternoon I had a couple leadership meetings in Barcelona and two other short meetings as well so spent the last half of the day in meetings. One of the meetings, even though it was short, it was unexpected, and actually is a great prelude to the next 90 days. One of my investor /creditors who has already been very patient with me had some radical changes take place in his business /work which freed him up from his busy schedule and normal routine. As we finished talking and walked to our cars he began to offer some of his free hours during the week to help me with my projects. I stood there amazed yet knew that was the sort of thing that this case study is all about. The interesting thing is that just 20 minutes prior after coming out of meeting No. 3 I saw him in his office with two other gentlemen and waved goodbye to him and headed to the car. It was already 9 pm and I still had one hour drive. But as I stood in the parking lot and said goodbye to my other colleague I decided to go back upstairs and ask a simple question. What ensued was the offer which came at the very end. Those are the things during the next 90 days that I want to show can happen to you too. It is a matter of knowing how and persistence. Hey I am tired, I was up at 5:30 this morning and I didn't leave Barcelona until 9:45 pm. It took me an hour to get home and I still had to write this post, because I can't miss a day! Good night and see you tomorrow.

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