Monday, July 9, 2007

Day Two - Defining Desires

Recently I sent an e-mail to one of my mentors of which he agreed to do a teleconference interview with me during this 90-day Case History, his only concern: to fill the lines with listeners. Our topic will be Desire, A Double-Edged Sword, How to Keep from Getting Side-tracked on What You Really Want To Do, Be or Have. This teleconference I can guarantee will be excellent simply because he always over-delivers. He gives more than you expect and as my mentor I cannot do any less than he so that is my objective also.

Today there is a HUGE bandwagon that is traveling around and I just cannot believe how many people are jumping on it no matter which path it travels or the direction in which it is headed. The label on the side is "Law of Attraction." It seems that once the Secret got out everybody became an expert on this law. Now I don't want to be critical about what is being said unless of course the claims are so absurd that they cause more harm than good.

I will not go into a big spill here and try to defend or try to defeat the principle as taught. I do want to emphasize though that the way it is being presented it does not have the long term benefit of society in mind. It is designed to make more people lazy and a non-industrious nation will fall sooner or later. No, I am NOT just ranting. Four influence experts evaluated the information that is being pushed by The Secret and, "see real and grave danger in this virus that is spreading through the English-speaking world...and they say, enough is enough."

Ok, so what is the alternative you ask? Well there will be many that won't like the answer because it is not easy and I am not supporting the philosophy that you can think your way to whatever it is that you want, not without effort. Thought requires planning and planning requires effort. Effort is essential in accomplishment. Blind effort though leads you down the wrong paths, so all efforts must be guided. That requires faith. Faith is a principle of action and faith precedes any form of achievement. In scripture we see 5 words that are just as valid today as they were 2000 years ago. Faith without works is dead. And this IS NOT something that is ONLY applicable to to spiritual stuff.

Accomplishment, achievement, attainment, completion, fulfillment, realization, or succeeding pick your own word, they all have something in common. There is a pattern which they all follow and that pattern is the same EVERY time. One of the first steps in this pattern is defining your desires. Know where you want to end up, because if you don't know ANY PLACE WILL DO until you get there.

My Desire for the next 90 days, (well 88 now) is to finish There Is No Power In Chaos, grow a crowd of people that are willing to learn the pattern of accomplishment, have a few fun and info-packed teleseminars along the way and make the book a best-seller on October 8th. Yup, its going to take a LOT of faith and effort to do it, and it CAN be done but I need help. So please stay tuned for tomorrow's post and in the mean time share this with a friend, please.

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