Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

I want to just give you a few lines of information before I begin the 90-day study, which begins on July 8th until October 8th (the rectified launch date), I want to let you know what COnCEPT Q is, how it got started, what it stands for and how you can benefit from it. So to begin with I will give you the official description.

A Brief Description
COnCEPT Q philosophy holds that:
All like characteristics, traits, habits, similarities, behaviors, manners and conducts can be grouped together. And that by understanding the association of such characteristics a person can determine where change is needed, how action can be implemented and how accomplishment can be achieved in any area of life. This understanding is gained by teaching the process of accomplishment as a circle. The circle is then divided into quarters placing the different aspects of progression in its respective quarter.

Quarter One holds negativity, fear, doubts and countless other repressing traits that keep individuals from substantially progressing toward their own ideal lifestyle. Procrastination due to fear is commonplace. Inactivity and the love of ease are usually caused by ignorance of a better way and the maladaptive patterns of inertia. This lifestyle is always full of regret, grief and envy of what could have been.

In Quarter Two change is an essential element in order to alter, modify and transform a person’s needs and state of lack into abundance and a state of having, being and doing. Change though, is terrifying and represents a roadblock to many people. Education and knowledge is the means by which change becomes less frightening. Planning is a crucial component in this part of the process. Vacillation back into Quarter One is not only likely but also probable if certain steps are not taken to prevent it.

Quarter Three Action is the only means by which any achievement may come to be. But action cannot and must not be random and without cause. Specific achievement is accomplished by focused effort based on proper planning. Additional strength is found in mentored guidance helping the student progress under the tutelage of an expert.

Quarter Four Result is the ultimate reward for all prior efforts. Haphazard accomplishment or just getting there accidentally or by a stroke of luck is unnatural and nature will take you back to where you are most prepared for. Water seeks its own level. Unless you have diligently passed through the essentials of the other quarters, you will end up back to where you started before you “got lucky.”

COnCEPT Q is a vast resource for understanding. Once it is comprehended it can be applied to many things. It has become a source of reference for me personally to know if what another person teaches follows the pattern of accomplishment or if it lacks steps and if they are out of order. My own maladaptive pattern of perfectionism has kept me from sharing this information any sooner simply because of an internal incessant desire to seek perfection in the expression of this concept. Due to the enormity of application possibilities I have to conform in explaining its relevance to different topics in different volumes of work rather than just one large book.

In 1986 as a result of several years of study I received an inspiration that eventually was molded into what is now known as COnCEPT Q. The name is part of an acronym which means
Concept OnQ, a Coherent & Extensive Philosophy of Thought,
thus the C On C E P T Q.

The following is my description of what OnQ means:
OnQ (änkyu) adj. 1.Being where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing at the time you are supposed to be doing it in the way it is supposed to be done. 2. Headed in Q4 direction.

Either you are moving forward
or you are moving backward,
there is no fence sitting.

The entire concept is very complete. Even though I have simplified and continue to do so it is NOT a light read. It takes time to sink in.

This will give you something to think about for today, and we'll talk more about it tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that for about 90 days. If after that there is need for more...well I'll decide then.

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