Friday, July 27, 2007

Day Twenty - Living with Irritations

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First of all for those that follow this blog on a daily basis, I am better. It was a rough week but if that is what it took to end a month long urge to urinate then it was worth it. I would much rather put up one intense period of pain and have it over with than having little irritations over a long period of time.

Now please excuse me for those of you who don't really feel very Christian, but that little thought made me think of something that I feel is important, so I am going to talk about Christ, and if that makes you uncomfortable for today you can stop reading here. (And hope to see you tomorrow)

For those of you that have faith in Christ, here is an interesting analogy. My comment of putting up with a lot of pain for one intense period of time rather than having little irritations over a long period of time is EXACTLY what Christ chose to do. He chose to suffer intensely in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross and GET IT OVER with rather than putting up little irritations for eternity! How about you? Do you avoid the intense pain that can go along with repentance? Is it easier to put up with the small irritations of remorse, guilt, mental anguish in little but constant doses over a long period of time?

Yeah I know that repentance (or change, for those people that do not like a harsh word), I know it is a continual process. But do you really think that by putting it off for, let's say...for..ever, do you think that it will just go away? Ummm,...probably not. Yes you can bury the remorse, forget about the guilt and hide from the mental anguish by putting distance between you and God, but you cannot hide forever. Yes, yes... eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die (well hopefully 15,000 tomorrows from today)and all the hogwash that those religious fanatics rant about, it is just a way to CONTROL you, right?

Well maybe not. Focus on physical pain and suffering or just the opposite of indulgence and pleasure can put out of mind the needs of your spiritual self, at least for a little while. I am NOT going to convince ANYONE with this blog (or by any other means) that DOES NOT want to listen, that your spiritual health and satisfaction is just as important as your physical health and satisfaction. Ignoring your spiritual needs and suffering will NOT make it go away. You can grow accustomed to the little irritations but it WON'T go away.

Hey, there's my two cents for today. See you tomorrow.

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