Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day Ten - A Process of Learning

Today I learned something very important, blog posts must be like a TV Series, they must be able to stand on their own like an individual episode, but have a common theme that runs throughout the entire blog. What I didn't realize is that very few people go to the beginning and read the entire blog from start to finish. So when I read this comment it actually made me go back and read my first blogs for fear that I did not explain this project well enough.

Today I received this message:

"I went to your blog and I must say that I am very confused.
What is the title of the book?
What faith are you talking about?
Is this blog the way to get people interested in your book?
It appeared to be only your personal journey, diary entries. So please clarify for me and I'd love to give more feedback to help you.
right now it doesn't make any sense to me, thank you..."

Looking at this response from the angle of the TV Series analogy; each episode must stand alone, then of course it is confusing without reading all the previous posts. Thanks! This little bit of feedback ALREADY helps me and makes me realize a couple of things:
First I think I will add the following to all posts -
There are 2 essential beginning posts to read to understand what this blog is about:
Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q
The first one is why I am writing this blog and the second one gives a bit of history of COnCEPT Q and its beginning.

Second, it is important to know that the underlying concept is actually a philosophy on how to make your day to day life better by eliminating the chaos you have in it. There Is No Power In Chaos is my new book that discusses this philosophy called COnCEPT Q. It is a philosophy that is integrally coherent, which means that it is logical and consistent in the agreement of all its parts and it is extensive in that it is far-reaching and comprehensive in the all of topics that it covers. I have spent many years simplifying its understanding and In this blog I attempt to take and dissect a topic that is completely misunderstood; faith. No, not faith as a particular religion, or as a belief but rather as a power that brings about accomplishment.

So when I say 'Faith' and a person turns away because he or she thinks religion, I simply say 'Man have you GOT a LOT to learn!!' My objective with this blog is to generate interest in the book which come out on October 8th. Hopefully this little entry today gives a bit more understanding what this blog is all about. If not, feel free to comment and I will answer as soon as I can. Unil tomorrow.


ChrisS said...

Hi Don, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Perhaps you could simply attach the little bit you wrote in todays blog starting with:

....There are 2 essential beginning posts to read to understand what this blog is about....

and ending with --

.....the second one gives a bit of history of COnCEPT Q and it beginning.

That way, everyone would have the appropriate background information in a nutshell if they chose to read it.

I'm enjoying your posts. I'll comment more later. Best wishes with this quest. Your COnCEPT Q is a great model for tracking one's progress in what one wants to accomplish. I believe it's inspired. Chris

Don-Alan Rekow said...

Thank you for your comment Chris, that is kind of what I thought, by linking back to the most important ones as a prelude to each post. By the way it is people like you that inspire me to carry on! Thanks!