Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day Five - Thinking in Quarters

After 20 plus years of thinking, talking, teaching, contemplating, discovering new ideas about COnCEPT Q it is hard for me not to think in quarters. (In the association of characteristics that are separated into the different quarters.) This afternoon I called my oldest son to see how he was doing. He is doing a summer sales program where he is far from his permanent residence and even though he works hard at completing his goals, he was having a tough week and feeling a bit lonely. In supporting him as his dad and trying to give him a bit of motivation I talked to him about the characteristics that are in each of the quarters. This is really important because once you understand how characteristics are related it is easy to understand how other feelings and thoughts from Quarter 1 affect your attitude and bring you down to Q1. Quarter one is the most difficult quarter to live in but ironically it is the quarter that most people are in.

COnCEPT Q is basic mind management! Instead of having a bunch of mumble-jumble mixed up feeling creating a sensation of chaos, by identifying them and placing them where they belong it is easy to red flag a feeling when it shows up and know that if permitted to stay it will bring a multitude of other similar feelings.

That is what COnCEPT Q does. It gives basic understanding of how to manage thoughts and feelings. Over the years what may have made me angry 10 or 15 years ago has no power in my life today because I know that it is a Quarter 1 feeling and I will not permit that feeling to drag me in amongst chaos. As I stay strong and in control others also can feel the strength and want to know how I do it. It is easy: basic mind management. COnCEPT Q, and that is what this is all about simply because there is no power in chaos! ;-) Until tomorrow!!

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