Monday, July 16, 2007

Day Nine - Persistence Pays Off in the End

I found this video that I can identify with so I decided to put it in today's post. Sometimes it may seem that I may be slow but I AM persistent. It has taken me twenty plus years to get the COnCEPT Q philosophy this far, so why should I quit now? I don't necessarily like thinking of myself as a snail but I think this video makes a good point. I have been around for this long without any major changes in my philosophy and expect to still be going strong for another twenty more years and that COnCEPT Q will be around long after I am gone. The Secret Flash in the Pans remind me of these 'fast bugs' and they will come and go just like snake-oil salesmen in years past, but it is the time-tested principles that will endure.

In this video called The Insect Race, it gives a comical view of what I consider can be 'The race of life'. At times we all seem in a hurry to win the race but it is the consistent and what may seem slow efforts that pay off in the end.

Enjoy the flick, :-) Until tomorrow.

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