Friday, July 13, 2007

Day Six - Time for Love

They say that there must be a time for everything, so my entry today is short because I must take time for love. Today is Rosa's birthday and I took her to lunch to be with her and this evening we went out with her brother and sister-in-law. There must be time for everything including spending time with those you love. I call it a stroll through Q4. Needs to be like this all the time.

I may add a bit to this tomorrow but my eyes grow heavy and my mind dull. It is time for a 5 hour snooze. And as I reread this the next day I think I will leave it as is and let you see that COnCEPT Q takes into account all aspects of life including love, and that is in Q4. The closer I approach it the more in love I find that I am with Rosa. She IS the love of my life! Hey! go read the next entry while I smooch with her for a while, :o .

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