Sunday, July 8, 2007

Day One - Getting Jolted out of Bed

In summer time it is harder for me to get up before it begins to get light because it gets light earlier. For a long time I have had this feeling that I must be already moving before daybreak. This morning at 6:15 it was already light and I suppose I can excuse myself, it being Sunday but I sure don't like the sun getting ahead of me because it is already hard enough to keep up.

As I think back to high school, (whooh! that has been a few years) I remember my older sister Deb come into the bedroom and flip on the light to wake me up. Perhaps that is why I like getting up before it is light. Ha ha. If that wasn't bad enough and I didn't get right out of bed she would stand at the foot of the bed and bang it with her knees making it shake violently. I sure am glad those days are over and generally I have no trouble now getting out of bed.

In There Is No Power In Chaos I put a lot of emphasis on the fact that much of our trouble and problems in life come from those things that we are not proficient in. Many times we feel that what we don't know cannot hurt us, but in reality it is those things that we are ignorant of or that we simply ignore that tend to hurt us the most. At times we would like to overlook certain things because of the negative connotation that goes along with it or perhaps simply for the fact that it is something that seems like it carries with it too much obligation. Faith is one of those words or subjects that is easier to ignore than it is to deal with. But that alone creates a big problem because it is by the power of faith that we accomplish all of our works.

I am Mr. Faith because I talk a lot about faith and understand a fair amount as well as doing my best to simplify it so that everyone can understand it without the feeling of wanting to abhor it or avoid it because it may seem complicated. What I won't do though is come in and flip on the light switch and bang the bottom of your bed trying to jolt you out of a state of slumber. This is day one, we've got 89 days left and I will do my best to gently enlighten your understanding to see faith in a new way.

Feel free to share this blog with anyone you know that could use a little faith to lighten a burden, or to gain a greater understanding of their inner power. Enjoy your Sunday and we'll see you tomorrow!

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