Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day Eighteen / Day Nineteen - The Flaw in the Armor

There are 2 essential beginning posts to read to understand what this blog is about:
Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

Ok I guess I found my weakness. There are two things that I can learn from this. One - Don't put off the posting until the last minute, because when you absolutely cannot get it done at the last minute, you miss the opportunity. Rosa swore that she was going to take my to the emergency room last night, but I didn't go cause I couldn't even get dressed because it hurt so bad. I am a bit better today, and am going to post early because I have pains that threaten more of the same.

Two- I must follow my own advise - Never, Never, Never give in. Ok I missed one day, so I will keep this up until I do a blog 90 days straight without missing.

In There Is No Power In Chaos I write about the importance of taking care of yourself physically. You might not realize it, but when you are suffering in body...ta heck with the spirit! The ONLY thing you desire is to get back to that state of neutrality, just simply not feeling bad.

So here is my flaw in the armor...just get a little stone in my kidney and I am not so strong. Can you believe that little tiny stones can break your greatest will? Oh well, gotta get back up and do it again. I will write later.

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ChrisS said...

Don, I'm so sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly that you missed a day. I'm SO enjoying your posts. Great thoughts for any day. Keep up the good work. Cs