Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day Eight - Even Big Earthquakes Begin with Small Tremors

Patience is a virtue, but the waiting can be nerve racking! In the beginning of anything, even if it is huge in the end begins very small. I would love to see thousands and ten thousands of readers and have them all respond like Sister Beeley. That too, I suppose, will come in its own due time. Today being Sunday I went to church as usual. We have an average size congregation that always increases in the summer months due to visitors on vacation. I was president of the branch for about ten years so a lot of people still call me President Rekow. Frank and Pat Beeley are from England and they spend five or six weeks with us each year. They are a lovely couple, both of which play the piano and are quite welcome each year they come down as they add their talents to the congregation for short time they are here.

I have the opportunity to speak quite often, whether in just classroom setting, or the main speaker or sometimes a special evening where I will speak on a particular topic to a specific group of people. I like to speak, especially about COnCEPT Q. It has become part of me, it is how I think. It is how I am able to understand other people. Today the Beeleys said their goodbyes for this season and Pat made a comment to me that makes what I do worthwhile even if it is just for one person. She gives me hug and a big smile and tells me, "I just love to get a little dose of President Rekow every time I come." She claims that I can brighten her day and give her hope by teaching her more about the power of faith and how to use it in her life.

That is why I write just a little bit everyday. I made mention to her that I wished that I could share this information on a much larger scale, part of which I am doing with this blog, part of what is happening with the book launch, and she just responds to me, "Even big earthquakes begin with small tremors." Thanks Sister Beeley, it seems that this time you are the one encouraging me! Until tomorrow have wonderful Sunday!

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