Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day Eighty Two - Still Doing the Wedding Thing

Yesterday was Taxi Day. Had to run my oldest daughter and a guest around to a couple of places then take the newly weds out to the hotel where the reception is (and their Nuptial suite for a couple of nights ;-) Then headed to the airport to pick up Brian's parents and take them for something to eat. We get home at almost 2 am. Can you see why I want to get back to normal? Leaves no time for anything else.

On the Book side, I have been doing some promotion and it continues to gain momentum. This book is going to be a hit! The title tells all: There IS No Power In Chaos!
And that's the truth! Look for a promotion on October 8th! It is a pre-launch and the preparation for the big Amazon launch to make this book a No. 1 BEST SELLER!!!

Thanks again to my readers! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day Eighty One - I Am Back

What a journey! I cannot begin to tell you about the last two weeks. I have traveled more than I wanted to, finally passed some kidney stones just before I left on my journey, have been in London, Phoenix, Arizona, gave a seminar and had a family picture in Idaho, been to Las Vegas and married a daughter off in Salt Lake City, Utah, about got arrested at the airport for trying to sneak a bullet through security, survived a 40 hour return journey home and about ready to finish with a reception here in Spain. I have not been near a computer very much and had someone use my web address to send SPAM e-mails so got over 3000 undelivered messages that I had to sort through to find good e-mails in the middle of them.

Believe it or not I have survived it and if I could tell the details for every event you would believe it even less. Put it this way...I lived two months of living in two weeks and now I need a vacation from my "vacation". I am excited though to be back in my captain's chair in front of my trusty computer. I feel like I was lost without it. After Friday, the reception here in Spain, I will dedicate my efforts to my book launch and get everything back on track. For those that have been faithful readers...Thanks for your interest and support and I am glad to be back and able to pound a few keys again. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day Sixty Six - The Ride Begins

Just starting my journey to the US. The next 2 weeks I will not be near a computer so bear with me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Day Sixty Five - The Calm Before the Storm

I do not look forward to the days ahead this week. I do not post much today as I am not able to sit an think for long as I am passing a kidney stone. All for now.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

A trilogy mistake

Oops, and now how do I delete this entry?

Day Sixty / Sixty One / Sixty Two - The Posting Blur

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q
Another few days pass ... and I don't dare jump out of the car as fast as it is traveling. Days that run together and seem as one are days that are not very easy to live. Guaranteed! One evening I went to bed at midnight and got up at 2 AM for a conference call and then did a quick print job at 3:15 am, and get ready to take my wife and daughter to the airport at 4AM.

Please notice that I am running on 2 hours of sleep and even though I can run off of 4 or 5 hours of sleep, that is hardly enough to be called a good night's nap. One day has ran into the other. So with that in mind we head to the airport. We get there on time, 2 hours before take off, but what is about to occur should not happen to sleepless people. After standing in line we get to the counter and the check in girl informs us that Rosa CANNOT travel with the passport that she has. It is the old version and the US will not allow her in. Have you ever tried to argue with a person that will not let you get on their plane without the correct documents? Forget it! They are not letting you on! Decision: Send the daughter by herself and head to the local police station to get a new passport. Despite of that, we are in luck. The police station that can and will issue a new passport is on the airport premises. So go there, gotta go get one of those quick one minute photos... and after the third take we have a usable photo. (Another story for another day :-) Back to the police station and I leave Rosa there and I head back to see if we can change the ticket for a new one, she had already missed her flight. Now, there is no British Air ticket desk. It is done through Iberia Airlines, and their objective: sell a new ticket.

There is no way they will just make the change to the next fight by paying the 100Euro change fee. So we end up spending another 600 Euros for a new ticket, get Rosa on the plane and I now can go home. Late for work. At home i go to the travel agency and demand a refund. They are not going to give it either!! It was my fault for not knowing the passport wouldn't work. So on the phone to British Air. After a bout 30 minutes of explaining and finally getting the authorization, back to the travel agency and get them on line with British. Result: Refund! Now Rosa can be calm. Once I tell her. No I can go back to work. Remember I am still operating off 2 hours of sleep. Finally, I am able to take a nap in the afternoon and pretty much lose one day in fixing problems and rearranging the whole day, just for a simple passport. Moral to the story: No matter what you think, it is the gatekeeper that counts. If you can't get past him (or her) you are not going in!

I can think of 100 applications for this moral, but that is for another day...for now I have already ran several days together as it is.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day Fifty Nine - New Post?

These posts are like fence posts traveling down the road at 100 mph. They are going by so fast that they are becoming a blur. One thing I do know I am going to do when this 90 day period is over that I have committed myself to...not post daily. It is hard for me to write something everyday. I make it short and sweet and to the point...and, nobody even reads it. Maybe one or two posts get read, but not everyone. Just as a test. This post is short, if you read this...please add a comment. Just say hey I read them. And we will see, so until then, this is just another post along the roadside.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day Fifty Eight - Imminent Changes

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

Things happen whether we like change or not. And always at the last minute. So it seems. I had the cover done. I was ready to not make any more changes. It was finished. At least in my mind, and so I show it to another graphic designer and immediately I get what needs to be changed. I defend the book cover and the whys it was done the way it was, but...too late. The seeds of doubt had been planted. Good thing was that I have a marketing open call with my mentor to ask the final question, is she right?

On the call, there are a few things mentioned that should be changed, like the color used for the final quote. Red is out and the font needs to be changed. And my printer is on vacation and I am leaving for the States next week and I have other things to do and...

You know...I think I really will be glad when I have a book in hand. This is not as easy as you can imagine. And I haven't even hardly started the marketing.

Now why did I give you all this information? Partly it is to let you in on the process that is happening to develop a best seller. There are many changes that must be made. And even at that it is not a sure thing.

There are ideas that exist in today's world that are "New Age" like the Law of Attraction. It was made popular in the movie 'The Secret'. It says that what you think about you get and goes to show that this idea has existed throughout the ages, known to a few people. Here is the problem...if we really did get what we thought about with nothing more than just thinking about it, TOTAL CHAOS would exist. Things could happen to you that some one else thought about and so on. Now what is my point in bringing this up?

I have thought about a best seller for many years and it has never come into existence just by me thinking about it. I have well over 1200 hours invested into this edition of the book now. I think I have one piece done and little flaws show up that must be changed. And not without any effort either. Hours of effort go into each component. And that is just the beginning. The fact still exists that the book has to be marketed. And that is a whole new world. Change is imminent in everything we do. It all takes effort. But that is good as long as we learn from it. Hey I am learning, and at that,I leave you til tomorrow.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Day Fifty Seven- Down to the Finish

Have you ever heard the expression "Get the ball out of your court?" If I get this immense ball of writing, editing and laying out my book out of my court, I think I will fall down on my back like the tennis player from Spain, Rafael Nadal does when he wins a game. And that is just from relief. I felt very good when I finally finished the cover just before the printer closed for 2 weeks. I have been pushing to get the edits back to me so that I could get the corrections done and make sure the pages laid out the same. Well I got Chapter 20 back this late tonight! Another huge step. All I lack is the Appendix. And, of course, me to finish putting the corrections into the final copy. The ball is back in my court! Auggh!

Time is flying! I have so little time, between now and October 8th and a wedding in between. There is always something that complicates even the simplest of things. I will be happy when I have the book in the hands of the printer...well actually when it is back in my hands all finished. That means I have overcome all the obstacles! Except for the book launch. That is another might big ball to get out of my court. Who said that writing a book was easy?

And even when that is done, there is a lot of work to be done after that. Where is the exit? Ha, just kidding. Believe it or not I get excited about getting all this done. So in reality, down to the finish, it is only one part that gets done and I get to go on to the next part. See you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day Fifty Six - A Time for Reflection

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

A prophet once said, "When you recognize your humility, that is when you have lost it." I had an interview with my branch president (bishop) today. It served as a reality check and an opportunity for me to evaluate myself. My wife was the one who originally was to be interviewed but he asked me to come and sit in as well. I do not like criticism and try to avoid it and I will not go off here criticizing one of my leaders. What I want to do is paint a picture so that you can understand the feelings that I can feel at a time like this. I have to fight them and let them serve as a challenge for me to do better. President T. is a man that is not as polished as perhaps he could be. He speaks, as my wife puts it at 0.1 km per hour. I just call it a com-lag. There is a communication lag between thought and spoken word. It is that waiting period that frustrates many people. I just say be patient the message will come.

He ask many questions in the interview. Rosa had been going through a time in life that has been hard for her. Perhaps her spirituality is not at its highest. In fact it probably reached some very low points in the last while. I can accept responsibility for part of that, no problem. No on the other hand, I have been very deep into finishing my book. I read a lot of scripture and other literature as well for the research. I must have inspiration and revelation to understand what must be written. Personally I would consider my spirituality on a higher level. I am adamant about church attendance, I teach a youth class, and sometimes an adult class. I am on the stake high council and I do my best to maintain a good level of spirituality. Or so I thought.

During the interview, President T. said that Rosa's and my spirituality level was on the same level. What the... are you talking about? I put my hand under my chin to keep it from hitting the floor. I thought how could he even compare the two levels and say they are the same? And my thoughts continued for a moment in this line of thinking. If I was a person easy to offend this would have been a good time. But then I realize something very important. It is not that Rosa and I are at the same level spiritually, but both of us are in a low ebb of our personal levels of spirituality. I have been higher. She has definitely been better off. We are both a point that our personal levels are on the low end for what we could be. And though I may be better off than she is at the moment, it only gives me a challenge to head upward and help her in the process.

There are sure a lot of things to do and control in life! I guess I had better check my own Q-charts and see where I am and were I am headed. That is why COnCEPT Q makes for a great Atlas, it gives road maps to achievement, including spiritual levels of accomplishment. Please comment if you see something that I don't. So with this I close until tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day Fifty Five - Adios Summertime

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q
Today was the last day at the beach. The sun was shining but you could feel the hint of fall pressing on with a cooler temperature in the air. Rosa didn't work today. So we stayed longer than usual on the beach. Even though I am not much of a "tan freak" and stay in the shade of my big umbrella, I still get a little sunburn. Not so much though that my skin gets untouchably red, but you can still see that I have a little color.

With summer gone and September just at hand that means it is time for a battle. This month is going to be the ultimate in stress. The book off to the printer, a whirlwind trip to the US, meetings, family pictures at mom's house in Idaho and back to Utah for the wedding of my daughter and final preparations for a book launch, the question is how will I survive, and what will I successfully be able to do?

With travel at hand, I fear I will miss days of posting. With the books to be printed, and confirmations to be made, and then shipped to the US and available for, I see 30 days as impossible. I fear that another delay is what will happen. Now, don't come back at me with some "law of attraction" crazy comment and say that my thoughts of fear will cause the delay! My fear is based on reality. I am still receiving edits...I just got Chapter 17 back today, will have 18 tomorrow and most likely 19 also. Chapter 20 could be done Monday or Tuesday. A quick review of the Appendix and finally I can send it to press! That is the 5th of September. By express courier the printer gets it on the 10th. He quickly puts a book together for approval and shoots it back to me, I get it on the 17th (which I am in the States then so will see it on the 25th) approve it and give go ahead. It goes to press and 3 weeks later it is ready to send. That is the the 16th of October. The boat then gets the merchandise to the US 3 weeks later and we have a book ready to fulfill orders around the 1st or 2nd week of November.

Now please tell me "Don't worry, it'll happen!" And I agree! but not on October 8th. unless I delay it until October 8th, 2008. Guess what? I still am not too stressed because even though I pushed the date out until October 8th, I already knew that this scenario would be likely. So I have pushed for the date but not carved it in stone. Delays are normal. The time frame I have given above is assuming everybody does their job just perfect. There is bound to be a mess up along the line. That only delays thing a week or two more. But by now can you see that not only has summertime escaped me but I am to the end of fall? What a job! But I can guarantee it will all be worth it. And in the meantime there is plenty for me to do to make the launch successful.

So with fifty-five days of blogging done and possibly 75 days ahead of me before I have a completed book IN HAND, my 90 days will turn into 130 days, so if you are a reader of this blog, can you help me? I need this launch to be successful for many reasons. As soon as I send the book off and get it out of my hands, I will dedicate myself to the marketing aspects of this campaign. I will then start building a list of people that can help make it successful just by making a commitment to buy a copy on launch day. That is where I can use help creating a buzz. Think of people you know and who could use help with an excellent book on getting rid of chaos in their lives.

Always open for comments and suggestions...See you tomorrow.