Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Prelude to a 90-day case history of Mr. Faith

I suppose this is more for me than anyone else, just to prove that it will work. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, so, we will start from a point that any person can read from right here and have an idea what this project is all about.

My name is Donald Alan Rekow, the son of the late Donald Merl Rekow and Arlene Rekow Osborne. I go by Don-Alan as my author name and for this project and case history I am Mr. Faith. Why, you ask, are you called Mr. Faith? First of all, for over twenty years, my main study has been focused on the principle and power of faith. The study has not been what a person might think you would do and just open the scriptures and study all you could about the topic of faith. Sure, it has included that, but it has gone way beyond that and from it I have made some very unique discoveries and have uncovered many similarities of things both secular and religious. So the title Mr. Faith has to do with the knowledge and understanding I have gained about 'faith' as a subject

Part of the reason for this project is to test what I have written on myself and keep record of it in the form of a blog. It is also an informal way of giving many more details than I can put in the book that is the object of this case history. The book, There Is No Power In Chaos was set for release on August 8th, 2007. It has been pushed back for 2 months until October 8th.

Well I suppose there IS another aspect of all of this too. It is so that you my future reader can get to know me. And I will start off with a picture of me and Mr. Bean. Sometimes I am told that I am too serious or too philosophical. This shows that I can be silly at times too.

Mr. Bean & Mr. Faith

Well that is all for today. Oh by the way, for those of you in the US, Happy 4th of July! Tomorrow I will tell you a little more about COnCEPT Q and what it is. Until then, you have a GREAT day!!

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