Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day Four - Power of Possession

Do you ever stop and think about certain rules in our society? They may not be right or even fair but they exist like them or not. One such rule is the one that states "He who has the gold makes the rules." Last October I had an accident where a careless forklift operator ran into my ankle with one of the hard rubber tires when I had my back to him. Luckily it didn't break any bones but it caused a hemorrhage which resulted in developing an excess of fibrosis tissue around the tendons. In March I had an operation to clean the fibrosis up from around the area of the injury. Basically it took about eight months, a ton of Doctor visits, rehabilitation and a scar that will not go away for a long time if ever.

Now of course there will be an insurance settlement of which I was negotiating today, but it makes me kind of upset that despite the pain and suffering I may go through and the many lost hours of work and at the very end the whole ordeal is treated very trivially. And what you should be able to receive as compensation goes up on the bartering table and you watch the insurance adjuster whittle away the figure you should receive. It is very frustrating but you soon see that the guy with the gold is making the rules.

And if you need or want the money quickly, you are obliged to live by those rules. If you want what is rightly yours you have to go to court, which of course there is no guarantee that the judge will rule in your favor, and it may take a year or more to get to that point. Well I think you can easily see that power is in the possession of who has the money.

Or is it? Can you see where my focus was? It was on me and receiving what I considered a just and fair amount of compensation. Was I willing to concede or did I feel that I must be compensated every last penny? Was the accident a blessing or a unlucky event that happened to 'poor me'? Sure I would like the insurance company to pay as much as possible because then what happens? I am the one then who has the gold and I make the rules, to a point. ;-) Actually, in exchange for a bit of pain and suffering I get a sum of money that I didn't have prior to this and now it is up to me how I employ that money. I can either spend it irresponsibly or wisely put it to work to generate more.

We all have events in life that can be looked at as unfortunate or a stroke of luck. Usually, the stroke of luck events are the ones that we consider "easy" and require no effort, and of course put shekels in our purse so that we can spend at our pleasure. Don't be fooled, Power IS in the possession, but not just of the monetary substance we call money, it is in your attitudes and the point of view that you take in this life. That is the REAL Power of Possession! See you tomorrow.

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