Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day Twenty Nine - A Lesson in Marketing

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

Sunday morning is not a typical day to learn what marketing is all about, but I suppose that Saturday evening counts. (It was Saturday his time.) I was up early as usual and I get an e-mail that gives me 90 minutes to reply with a phone call. And I opened the e-mail about an hour after it was sent. I made the call and for the next 30 minutes I had the opportunity to get a one-on-one lesson with a person who knows his stuff when it comes to marketing. I had been putting together a page that would allow me to participate in a marketing Joint Venture with this person but in reality what I had done showed my inexperience and coinciding online at the precise moment allowed me to get my page reviewed, critiqued, and suggestions offered for improvement by an expert. Frankly it was one of those once in a blue moon experiences that really help you progress.

Even though, my time is very limited to make the deadline for this opportunity I now have another piece of the puzzle to make this work over the long haul. Ok, what now can I write that will make this blog useful to you the reader? As you begin to understand the COnCEPT Q Model you will realize that everyone has things that need improvement. They are Q1 characteristics that need changing (Q2). The best way for you to make that change is by being guided by someone who knows what they are doing and have already gone the way before you. I am fortunate to have people who care what my outcome is. But this didn't come in Day One or Day 10, for me it came at Day 29 or at about one third of my journey. At least with this 90 day journey. So if you are in the process of doing something yourself, or you want to accomplish a goal, realize that all the pieces do not come in a box, ready to put together. Many times they come at a point when you are ready to put them together. Think about it. See you tomorrow!

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