Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day Thirty Six / Thirty Seven - Back to Back Conferences

It amazes me how days can slip by and how easy it is to miss a post. I am under a lot of pressure to finish the edits and corrections to get the book to the printer and my focus is on that right now. Monday night and Tuesday night I have had two conference calls, one with Stefanie Hartman, the expert's expert, which is an open call to the students of her Millionaires In Training Program. We are allowed the opportunity to send in questions prior to the call and she answers them on the call for the benefit of all of her students. This call also had a lot of questions about teleseminar presentations which was good for me also because of the teleseminars that I will be doing in the fall.

This evening was a call with a master mind group that helps us focus and solve issues that we have regarding more specific questions. In other words, it is less formal and we each get 10 minutes to present questions, problems and get answers from members of our group. There are eight of us and it is a very intense call, and I am grateful to each of the members as well as Stefanie for the support and help that is received. Well anyway that shouldn't be an excuse to not get my post done, but I can say that I haven't been goofing off and doing nothing toward my progress.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Spain, and I have some honey do projects that I will be unable to escape plus finishing some parts of the book, my Never Ending Story ;-)
For now, let this post serve as an advance notice of some pretty cool interviews that I will be giving this fall in a series called Advanced Faith 201. It is part of what I call Faith Beyond Religion, jumping right into the principles that make faith so powerful.

Well there you have it for today, comments are welcome, and for those of you that really read this...see you tomorrow!

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