Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day Forty One - The Fantastic Four

Today Rosa was back from her get away with the girls. Even though I got a lot done this week by focusing on my work, it is good to have her back. She took the week and went to Madrid to spend some time with some friends of hers and break the everyday routine. I picked her up at the airport in Barcelona at midnight-thirty and we got home around two-thirty. Yes, that is way past my bedtime, but worth it to go get my honey! :-)

Since she works at the movie theaters, I get in free. And today I decided to go see a movie while she was at work. I went and saw the Fantastic Four. It is a movie that she said that she would not go watch because it was something that wouldn't teach her anything. Ok, fair enough. So I think of what could a person learn from this movie? And since I think in Quarters, (thanks to COnCEPT Q) I look at the over plot of the movie. (If you don't want me to spoil the movie, go see it and then come back and read this.) This great big mega galactic cosmic monster cloud (how's that for a description?) travels throughout the universe sucking the energy out of planets. But in order to do it, the Silver Surfer gets to the planet first and with his powerful surf board bores 8 gigantic 200 meter diameter holes at strategic points around the globe. It is the Fantastic Four's job to stop him. They do separate him from his board and he becomes powerless. And the invisible girl has a chance to talk to him and reminds him of someone he once loved. He says that he has no choice but to do what he is doing. She makes him realize that he does have a choice. And love prevails over destruction. It is interesting. Especially if you look at the underlying message. We all have a choice to be Q4 or destructive in Q1. Think about it. See you tomorrow.

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