Friday, August 24, 2007

Day Forty Seven - A Day In the Battlefield

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

As days seem to roll by, and I seem to be caught in the rolling, there are several good things to report. The cover was printed today and it shows up with mistakes so the pdf file won't work. The original InDesign file is also corrupted and won't open so that means I get to build the cover again, and this time paying attention to details and making sure that it not only saved as a backup but making a few changes to the cover to make it better. Who said writing a book was easy? And publishing, even more difficult. And selling all 10,000 copies even more challenging. And I said good things to report? Actually it is good to get to this stage of the cover development, just a few tweaks and this important piece is done. Printed work sure is different from what is on the computer screen.

For lunch today, Rosa and I went to choose the menu for the wedding banquet and now I like that! It was a free lunch, or 5000€ how ever you want to look at it. Just today I didn't pay anything. It was fun and excellent food. It was a hard decision to select for many people between what you really like and what you think would be a good mix for Spanish guests as well as the American guests that will be there. (It was a delight to have an opportunity like this one, even though I am paying for it.)

Two things done! Next, an interview with a marketing specialist. Two and a half hours later (thank goodness for Skype, the call is free) And I think I found an important piece of getting the book known. This really is an exercise of faith! On one part you have to have product, on the other, the marketing expert's opinion is that it is going to be hard to sell 10,000 books. This is a job for Super Mr. Faith!!!! Just wish I knew his phone number. Just kidding. This is fun! Who else would do silly things like this and not pull hair out?

Last but not least...we are on a roll with the final edits. With a bit over half way and a good weekend ahead let's hope by Monday we are getting close to done with everything. I will be happy when the daily battles all result in a substantial victory. Fighting in the trenches makes it hard to see what the outcome can be. Doing this blog caused me to step back and see what is happening. So more than for the reader's good this one is for me!

Awhile back when I was struggling to keep a business alive and was lost in the 16 hour workdays fighting the battle alone, I really could not see a way out. I fought to fight and hoped that my sheer willpower would bring the victory. It doesn't work that way. Hard work and good intentions can never bring you to your desire without some good strategy and consistent evaluation to guide the overall effort. So even though it seemed like just another day in the battlefield, even with its casualties, it was a good day for the strategy department. See you tomorrow!

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