Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day Forty Nine - How'd Sunday Get Here So Fast?

I think instead of Sunday I'll call it Suddenday. It seems like it was Sunday just yesterday, and then all or a sudden it's Sunday, again, not that I mind. I like Sunday, for me it really is a day of rest. I go to Church, which I enjoy, especially with my youth class. All boys, all of them have short attentions spans. But they learn quickly. Today one of them, Miguel, had a youth talk. He did a good job. So in class I had him place the characteristics of his topic on a Q-Chart. I was impressed. He did a good job. It may seem sometimes like that is all I talk about...the vicious circle. However, I think they are beginning to understand that almost anything that they bring up can be placed on a Q-chart.

We talked about fasting and its importance. But I worked into the lesson why smoking, alcohol and drugs were not beneficial for them either. It presents a challenge to me to teach correct principles but in a way that they are the ones who are actually saying it. That way it is impossible to rebel against an adult, but rather if they rebel it is against what they themselves have said.

I got another chapter of my book back from the editor and this time she had butchered one of the principle stories in Chapter 11. For awhile it bugged me, but I sent her back an e-mail explaining why the story was necessary. So often I feel like all I am doing is teaching others. My wife and I went into a very serious debate about self-esteem. I continue to have to teach...but how do I do it in a way that it stays with the person and it really sticks? That is the purpose of There Is No Power In Chaos. I have countless hours of pondering and learning how to teach a concept that sticks. Sunday's youth class is the laboratory, with all my little guinea pigs, just kidding! They aren't so little! And for the Pigs? They are boys and they DO eat a LOT!! Test subjects? Of course, They do give me an opportunity to see what sticks and what doesn't. COnCEPT Q sticks. They know the concept! And that has been proved, over and over.

Well perhaps you can see why I like Suddenday. It gives me the opportunity to learn and to teach and to learn to teach. Well, for now I will leave it at that. Want a good book to read? There Is No Power In Chaos will be out very soon. And I continue my quest to see what Mr. Faith will do next! See ya!!

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