Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day Forty Four / Five & Six - Stuck in Time

Well I guess I should have never thought about inventing a time machine. Some how I got stuck in time and I seemed to jump from Monday to Thursday and didn't even realize it. I really have no clue as what happened to Tuesday and Wednesday's posts. Let's not go there...I know what your thinking...this poor goon's got Alzheimer's. What? Did I say something? Get outta here. I was just trying to duck my mistake by claiming that I forgot. I just saw that trick make money for two ex-Whitehouse characters. Bill and Hillary are coming out with their Memoirs and Bill gets $12 million for his and Hillary gets $8 million for hers. The funny thing is that during eight years they couldn't seem to remember what was happening..."Uhmm...I don't remember if I did or didn't."

I think though that you have to have lived in the Whitehouse for that scenario to work. I visited it once. At that Rate my Memoirs would be worth $6850 approximately! Darn! I should have been a U.S. President in my life instead. You know, I think that for post like this one, I am probably better off not posting. :-(

Ok let's get serious. Let's just say that I have been a little busy. My time is running out and I am running behind. Beside that I have been in the gym, working out. Now this is serious! I am on a diet, I am exercising (and hurt all over, again) and am getting things ready for a book launch and a wedding. (Stefanie, my youngest daughter.) With that in mind and knowing that I am up against deadlines, even some good things are happening. I just sent a letter to the President of Search Big Daddy, a new search engine (like Google) and requested that I be interviewed for a half hour radio show by Robert Floyd. I think that they will do it. It will give There Is No Power In Chaos some good exposure for the launch. Friday I talk with a book promotion specialist and see if we have a chance to work together. It may be exposure to more than 1 million people. I'll let you know. So besides, working a part-time job (which gets me my contacts in China, Andy Gong, who prints my book) and seeing the doctor (for the kidney stone that got stuck on the way out...yes it still bugs me) and getting in shape, marketing a book, putting the final touches on it, helping prepare for a wedding, being lazy every now and then...well, I think I am doing pretty good.

I still have three websites to prepare and a workbook to get done, two other books to edit and continue to make my posts. Oh, had a high council assignment that I attended to tonight as well. I think I am ready for my vacation. Which my vacation will go like this... Fly to Washington D.C., change planes, fly to Phoneix, miss my flight on purpose to Salt Lake, stay and meet with Search Big Daddy, (in Phoenix) catch a flight the next day, get to Salt Lake, head up to Idaho to see mom and Buddy and have a family picture, rest. Head back to Salt Lake, set up Search Big Daddy portals in Salt Lake, help Dan get his new business going, attend the temple with Stefanie, set up some sales reps in the Salt Lake area, have a wedding, rest. Get back on the plane and head to Spain for a reception here. Oh and somewhere in there keep the promo/book launch on target! So when I am done with my vacation I will be ready for a vacation. But for real... Its it a wonder that Rosa gets frustrated with me when she wants to just go on vacation and do nothing but that? Hey see you tomorrow...if I remember.

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