Friday, August 10, 2007

Day Thirty Three / Thirty Four - More Tests

This is getting boring. No, No, Not the blog, I mean having a kidney stone that won't go away! It was the 29th of June I went to the Doctor to see if he could give me something to cure what I thought was a urine infection that later turned out to be a kidney stone. I passed through much of the pain, several weeks ago and thought it was over, at least had relief for a couple of days but then the stupid feeling of a full bladder came back. And frankly I am getting tired of it. People keep telling me that these are signs of getting old, but what are they talking about?!!? I haven't even hit the halfway mark to 100 years old of which that is how long I am going to be around.

So my advice to my kidney stone...GET OUT, so I can get off the pot!!! ;-)

Well that ought to make you laugh, comment or let this go unnoticed, but I still got to go in for more tests to see what the hold up is. Sorry for the trivial post but that's all I can think of today! Bye for now.

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