Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day Fifty One - Not so Crazy Sexy Cancer

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A friend of mine sent me a link to a documentary that will be shown tomorrow on TV. (Wednesday, 8/29) night on TLC at 9:00pm EST called "Crazy Sexy Cancer". http://www.crazysexycancer.com/ I watched the trailer. It touched me, and I wanted to cry at times (just in seven minutes of the trailer) but made me realize something else that perhaps is just as serious. I will explain in a minute...

Cancer is something that we take very serious. It can mean life or death. And when you are dead...well that is the end of cancer, but it is the end of the time you spent here on this little planet we call earth. This IS serious stuff. It touches the very fiber of our being when some one diagnosed with cancer, with tears in her eyes, says, "I just want to live." In the short documentary trailer, they also speculate at why we get cancer. It really does look like it will be a good documentary to watch.

Cancer is something that is no laughing matter. I know that. My dad passed away from cancer almost 15 years ago. I took care of him for the last 11 days of his life. I know how hard it is. Ten years later my mom remarried and now Buddy is fighting to beat cancer and mom is scared. She doesn't want to continue through life alone, and this time ruined financially because there is no insurance to pay for the treatments, and the bills are piling up faster than one can imagine. After this faceoff with cancer, mom ends up in the poorhouse.

I had one of my business associates also lose his life to cancer, his family was taken care of, that is the good part. I lost the man that was trained to run the shop in my business. The business didn't fair so well after that.

I want to talk about something that is just as serious, even though it may not be perceived as such. This is a secret form of cancer because no one wants to talk about it. No one wants to admit they have it. There are no Doctors that diagnose it. There are no treatments, and when you are dead you might as well be, because there is not much of a life after it either.

Now I do not pretend to make fun of cancer. I do not want to make a comparison that looks like I give no importance to the physical cancer that will take your life. I only want to bring to awareness something that is common, yet it is ignored and it is just as serious...I want this 'something' to be looked at in a little different light. It is financial cancer. It is something that will kill you...financially, and then you have to continue through life financially dead.

There is not a bank that will talk to you and if you need money for any thing other than what you can earn, well, you might as well forget it. Now don't get me wrong, there is an operation for financial cancer that removes the disease, it is called bankruptcy. But that only removes the tumor, it does not cure the disease.

So what makes me any sort of expert to talk about this? Well, I have cancer, financial cancer. This cancer is embarrassing. No one wants to talk about it because you are perceived as incompetent and incapable. You are treated as a leper, "Go away, get away from me!" For those unscrupulous people that will take your money, they see you as an easy target to take from you what money you might have left as if you didn't deserve it because you were so stupid in the first place.

Ok, what is the point of this post? Let me tell you a little story. Yesterday, I talked to 2 financiers. They help people who cannot get money from a bank. In our interview, the subject came up that I am writing a book and it is about to be published. They ask what the title is which I responded "There Is No Power In Chaos." They laughed. It was only appropriate for someone that is smack dab in the middle of chaos to say something like that. And they are right! Who am I to be able to tell anyone how to get out of chaos? But that is my point all along. Who better can write a book about how to survive cancer that a cancer survivor? Does it matter the type of cancer? I think not. I think financial cancer is the worst. It can not only leave you without money and everything that you have worked hard for in life, but then you still have to keep living! I see a movie/documentary coming from all of this. Any comments? Please stay tuned there are some interesting things yet to come... See you tomorrow.

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