Monday, August 20, 2007

Day Forty Three - Inventing A Time Machine

I think that I ought to stop what I am doing and invent a time machine. That way I could go back and get more done in the same day that I need to get it done. The only problem would be getting the work to stay done when I went back to do more. What a dilemma! Maybe I had just ought to focus on getting more done today and then some more tomorrow. TIME GOES TOO FAST!! Weeks fly by and I only get closer to my objective a little at a time. Maybe I could look into cloning.

It seems that I am being pressured by this very blog. It makes me aware of the days gone by and the days left, and that little fear that while I maintain this blog public (even though there is not a lot of people who read it)this is a way that I keep myself accountable to finish work, Get it done! This evening, by brother-in-law and his family wanted to go to the movies and the eat something afterward. Well that will definitely take away from my project time. Whoa! Hey, I still have family and a wife that would like to do things occasionally rather than look at the back of my head as I pound away on this keyboard. So guess what? I chose to be with my lovely wife and her brother and his wife and their 2 boys. And I am glad I did. Work for this evening gets put on a back burner, while I go out for the evening. Hey, I am human too! (Haven't figured the clone thing out yet.) CU2 morrow!

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