Friday, August 31, 2007

Day Fifty Four - Time keeps Tickin'

Well, here goes one more month into the past and time continues on, waiting for no one. Each day we face a myriad of decisions that must be made, yet if left undone or put off until tomorrow, time will push right by leaving you in its wake still deciding what to do. If we get caught up in fear of making the wrong decision and let that fear paralyze us from moving forward, time still does not respect your immovability and will whoosh on by. Time, waits for no one!

Today, the cover of the book is finished. Color choices and changes, Title size and positioning, cover copy, testimonials, and all the small details that make it an attractive package, that is a job by itself, but its done, and on the day that the printer closes shop for two weeks to go on vacation. Now the edits are being finished, the layout coming to a close and all months after I wanted it done. That is proof that time waits for no one. Many, many hours have gone into the production and creation of There Is No Power In Chaos, and yet is is just a small piece of what the whole project consists of.

As I continue this blog I see that I have very few readers. There is too much to read in one sitting and many good bits of information are lost somewhere in the middle. I will maintain my daily posting until the launch, but will slow the entries down to the pace that people have time to read them. These are things that a person learns over time. Too bad we didn't know all this stuff from the beginning, but I guess that is why it is called experience, and it takes time to gain experience. My advise for today?... Don't just sit there. Do something! Don't let time pass you by without at least giving you some good experience! See you tomorrow.

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