Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day Thirty Five - Final Edits

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

If you have ever written a book you will understand the hours of work that goes into one. It seems to me that when I wrote "No Money? Sorry, No Honey" A 100 page e-book, it took me something like 200 hours of work to get it written, laid out and ready for pdf format. Now if I take that time reference and can compare it to other works then I could roughly figure that There Is No Power In Chaos would be some where around 700 hours worth of work, But guess what? That doesn't count for the Jacket cover or the revision of the Table of Contents or the copy edits or the regular edits. For instance, I had my page titles too close to the body on each page and the page numbers were too big of a font. That means I go through 338 pages just making those changes. And the font that I chose cannot be embedded, so I have to go through and convert it to outlines. Yeah, yeah, I know that all this sounds too technical and should be what the publisher handles right? What happens when I am the publisher? So I can easily see the hours going upward of 1000 plus for this project. Do you not think that I want it done? The printer is pushing me for the book, but he also says...NO MISTAKES!! On top of that I have webpages to keep up, a daily blog that I don't even know if any one reads except for myself, but I made a commitment and I intend to keep it.

Now in the meantime, with all that going on and doing a few edits I went back through the book yesterday and read parts and pieces. When I myself can do that and be impressed with some of the things that is written in it, which only gives me more desire to get this out, then I think that all the effort is worth it.

I taught two classes today. One to a group of youth, and one to a group of men. Both classes on the same subject, but my presentation to each group had to be different. I love using such instances to polish and hone my skills as a presenter. I feel that both classes went well, I had full attention in both of them, which is actually pretty good for the youth class. The adult class I had to repeat a subject that was taught two weeks prior, which meant that even though I had the same material I had to give it a different twist. It went over very well and I use the instance to practice my on stage presentation abilities. It is fun and gives me practice for larger crowds later on.

This week the book goes to press!! Nothing will hold it back! I am looking forward to getting a copy back myself, finished and ready to hit the shelves. I want all 10,000 copies of this first run to be sold on Day 92 or on October 8th. I guarantee that there is no book like it!! And it is worth the wait. Well back to the process of getting it done...see you tomorrow.

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