Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day Forty Eight - Normal days?

If I say that today was a normal day, what is that supposed to mean? If I see normal as a day that I get a lot of work done but don't get anything in particular finished, then there are a lot of those days. I don't like them. I don't feel like I see progress. For instance, I had to redo the book cover because the other file was corrupted. I didn't lose the whole idea, because it was printed. I just lost the digital file that I can make the changes on. In a way it was good because it forced me to make changes that I might not have the other way, simply wanting something to be done once and for all.

I have the book reedited up until chapter 10 (out of 20) and I received Chapter 11 today but was disappointed. The main story and idea was cut out. It frustrates me to think that I did not express myself clear enough to portray this message so that the editor could see that. This is one of my major frustrations. I have spent 20 years learning about the power of faith and I understand it, a LOT. I admit that there is a TON more to learn. What really frustrates me is how many people equate their own knowledge with mine and wipe out 20 years of experience with the "oh yeah, I understand faith." My response? "Really, then I must be stupid. It has taken me 20 years to understand what I know and I don't even know THAT much about it."

A normal day huh? I am going to have to define what normal is so that I can have a standard to judge by. Hey, Have a normal day!, ok? Naw, HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!! CU2morrow.

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