Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day Forty Two - Just Another Rainy Sunday

It was rainy most of the day, but at least it has cooled off. We like that in the middle of a hot August! I was quite thrilled today in church, in two different meetings that I was in. We had a visitor in the class of youth that I teach, a young man of 23 that is a perfect example of a Q1 person. I couldn't have written a script and paid an actor money to do a better job than he did. I have taught and taught the characteristics that belong in Q1 and the results that happen if you persist in that line of thought and he said it almost to the tee. I was thinking this guy is perfect for the script and I didn't ask him or coach him to say anything.

It was a good experience. After that we went into another class for the men and the lesson followed what I had written again. Humm. Perhaps it is that I followed the information that is taught to the tee? Could it be? Regardless it was fun and exciting to have such a clear idea about how COnCEPT Q fits many different situations. I am exited to get this info out!! See you later.

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