Friday, August 17, 2007

Day Forty - Finishing Touches

These last and final touches that are being done on the book even make it seem to me like a Never Ending Story. This weekend I print and bind the mock up copy that will be sent to China next week. Andy Gongjiamping, the printer is getting worried that he won't get the book printed and shipped in time. It does take 28 days for the freight to get from China to our new warehouse in the USA. Yup new warehouse! My brother Dan and Hans, his partner open Printegrity in the first part of September! They are a digital print and binding shop as well as mail fulfillment house. With over 40 years of experience between the two of them they are excited to bring their knowledge to a new company that will give service like what the customer needs. Both Dan and Hans worked for Alexanders and moved to Hedgehog where they thought that the management would listen to ideas and suggestions of how to make the company better. For awhile it was headed in the right direction but when management began acting like the former company well... Printegrity was created. And I can guarantee it will be a top contender right out of the chute!

In September when I am there for my daughter's wedding I will be talking with them to see what I can do to help, other than taking care of the webpage and handling some of the sales work for them. I want There Is No Power In Chaos to take off and become a best seller so that much of the handling / distribution income can help out there as well. It is exciting! Too much to do in one day. And I am going to be glad to focus my energy on marketing rather than writing/editing. Well there is a twist in the news of how this promo is going. There are many aspects that are involved in getting a book to market successfully and distribution is just one of them. Hey see you tomorrow.

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