Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day Fifty Five - Adios Summertime

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q
Today was the last day at the beach. The sun was shining but you could feel the hint of fall pressing on with a cooler temperature in the air. Rosa didn't work today. So we stayed longer than usual on the beach. Even though I am not much of a "tan freak" and stay in the shade of my big umbrella, I still get a little sunburn. Not so much though that my skin gets untouchably red, but you can still see that I have a little color.

With summer gone and September just at hand that means it is time for a battle. This month is going to be the ultimate in stress. The book off to the printer, a whirlwind trip to the US, meetings, family pictures at mom's house in Idaho and back to Utah for the wedding of my daughter and final preparations for a book launch, the question is how will I survive, and what will I successfully be able to do?

With travel at hand, I fear I will miss days of posting. With the books to be printed, and confirmations to be made, and then shipped to the US and available for, I see 30 days as impossible. I fear that another delay is what will happen. Now, don't come back at me with some "law of attraction" crazy comment and say that my thoughts of fear will cause the delay! My fear is based on reality. I am still receiving edits...I just got Chapter 17 back today, will have 18 tomorrow and most likely 19 also. Chapter 20 could be done Monday or Tuesday. A quick review of the Appendix and finally I can send it to press! That is the 5th of September. By express courier the printer gets it on the 10th. He quickly puts a book together for approval and shoots it back to me, I get it on the 17th (which I am in the States then so will see it on the 25th) approve it and give go ahead. It goes to press and 3 weeks later it is ready to send. That is the the 16th of October. The boat then gets the merchandise to the US 3 weeks later and we have a book ready to fulfill orders around the 1st or 2nd week of November.

Now please tell me "Don't worry, it'll happen!" And I agree! but not on October 8th. unless I delay it until October 8th, 2008. Guess what? I still am not too stressed because even though I pushed the date out until October 8th, I already knew that this scenario would be likely. So I have pushed for the date but not carved it in stone. Delays are normal. The time frame I have given above is assuming everybody does their job just perfect. There is bound to be a mess up along the line. That only delays thing a week or two more. But by now can you see that not only has summertime escaped me but I am to the end of fall? What a job! But I can guarantee it will all be worth it. And in the meantime there is plenty for me to do to make the launch successful.

So with fifty-five days of blogging done and possibly 75 days ahead of me before I have a completed book IN HAND, my 90 days will turn into 130 days, so if you are a reader of this blog, can you help me? I need this launch to be successful for many reasons. As soon as I send the book off and get it out of my hands, I will dedicate myself to the marketing aspects of this campaign. I will then start building a list of people that can help make it successful just by making a commitment to buy a copy on launch day. That is where I can use help creating a buzz. Think of people you know and who could use help with an excellent book on getting rid of chaos in their lives.

Always open for comments and suggestions...See you tomorrow.

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