Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day Fifty Six - A Time for Reflection

Prelude to 90-day Case History of Mr.Faith and
A Brief Description of COnCEPT Q

A prophet once said, "When you recognize your humility, that is when you have lost it." I had an interview with my branch president (bishop) today. It served as a reality check and an opportunity for me to evaluate myself. My wife was the one who originally was to be interviewed but he asked me to come and sit in as well. I do not like criticism and try to avoid it and I will not go off here criticizing one of my leaders. What I want to do is paint a picture so that you can understand the feelings that I can feel at a time like this. I have to fight them and let them serve as a challenge for me to do better. President T. is a man that is not as polished as perhaps he could be. He speaks, as my wife puts it at 0.1 km per hour. I just call it a com-lag. There is a communication lag between thought and spoken word. It is that waiting period that frustrates many people. I just say be patient the message will come.

He ask many questions in the interview. Rosa had been going through a time in life that has been hard for her. Perhaps her spirituality is not at its highest. In fact it probably reached some very low points in the last while. I can accept responsibility for part of that, no problem. No on the other hand, I have been very deep into finishing my book. I read a lot of scripture and other literature as well for the research. I must have inspiration and revelation to understand what must be written. Personally I would consider my spirituality on a higher level. I am adamant about church attendance, I teach a youth class, and sometimes an adult class. I am on the stake high council and I do my best to maintain a good level of spirituality. Or so I thought.

During the interview, President T. said that Rosa's and my spirituality level was on the same level. What the... are you talking about? I put my hand under my chin to keep it from hitting the floor. I thought how could he even compare the two levels and say they are the same? And my thoughts continued for a moment in this line of thinking. If I was a person easy to offend this would have been a good time. But then I realize something very important. It is not that Rosa and I are at the same level spiritually, but both of us are in a low ebb of our personal levels of spirituality. I have been higher. She has definitely been better off. We are both a point that our personal levels are on the low end for what we could be. And though I may be better off than she is at the moment, it only gives me a challenge to head upward and help her in the process.

There are sure a lot of things to do and control in life! I guess I had better check my own Q-charts and see where I am and were I am headed. That is why COnCEPT Q makes for a great Atlas, it gives road maps to achievement, including spiritual levels of accomplishment. Please comment if you see something that I don't. So with this I close until tomorrow.

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