Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day Fifty Nine - New Post?

These posts are like fence posts traveling down the road at 100 mph. They are going by so fast that they are becoming a blur. One thing I do know I am going to do when this 90 day period is over that I have committed myself to...not post daily. It is hard for me to write something everyday. I make it short and sweet and to the point...and, nobody even reads it. Maybe one or two posts get read, but not everyone. Just as a test. This post is short, if you read this...please add a comment. Just say hey I read them. And we will see, so until then, this is just another post along the roadside.

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ChrisS said...

Hey, I read the post. I started at the end this time and I've been reading backwards. My reading is hit and miss, but there are great life lessons to learn. I will read more of the posts, because I need to learn some of the life lessons that are to be found herein. I'm not even certain you meant for these particular life lessons to be taught. I think that's what happens when we keep putting one foot in front of the other in pursuit of a goal, new doors open, new and unexpected lessons are available to learn. Congratulations for pushing through and accomplishing your goal. Great job.