Monday, September 3, 2007

Day Fifty Seven- Down to the Finish

Have you ever heard the expression "Get the ball out of your court?" If I get this immense ball of writing, editing and laying out my book out of my court, I think I will fall down on my back like the tennis player from Spain, Rafael Nadal does when he wins a game. And that is just from relief. I felt very good when I finally finished the cover just before the printer closed for 2 weeks. I have been pushing to get the edits back to me so that I could get the corrections done and make sure the pages laid out the same. Well I got Chapter 20 back this late tonight! Another huge step. All I lack is the Appendix. And, of course, me to finish putting the corrections into the final copy. The ball is back in my court! Auggh!

Time is flying! I have so little time, between now and October 8th and a wedding in between. There is always something that complicates even the simplest of things. I will be happy when I have the book in the hands of the printer...well actually when it is back in my hands all finished. That means I have overcome all the obstacles! Except for the book launch. That is another might big ball to get out of my court. Who said that writing a book was easy?

And even when that is done, there is a lot of work to be done after that. Where is the exit? Ha, just kidding. Believe it or not I get excited about getting all this done. So in reality, down to the finish, it is only one part that gets done and I get to go on to the next part. See you tomorrow.

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