Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day Eighty One - I Am Back

What a journey! I cannot begin to tell you about the last two weeks. I have traveled more than I wanted to, finally passed some kidney stones just before I left on my journey, have been in London, Phoenix, Arizona, gave a seminar and had a family picture in Idaho, been to Las Vegas and married a daughter off in Salt Lake City, Utah, about got arrested at the airport for trying to sneak a bullet through security, survived a 40 hour return journey home and about ready to finish with a reception here in Spain. I have not been near a computer very much and had someone use my web address to send SPAM e-mails so got over 3000 undelivered messages that I had to sort through to find good e-mails in the middle of them.

Believe it or not I have survived it and if I could tell the details for every event you would believe it even less. Put it this way...I lived two months of living in two weeks and now I need a vacation from my "vacation". I am excited though to be back in my captain's chair in front of my trusty computer. I feel like I was lost without it. After Friday, the reception here in Spain, I will dedicate my efforts to my book launch and get everything back on track. For those that have been faithful readers...Thanks for your interest and support and I am glad to be back and able to pound a few keys again. See you tomorrow!

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