Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not Sure of the Day - Except I sent the Book to the Printers!!!

Yes, this day, October 16th, 2007 I SENT the book to China!! I have spent over 1300 hours of writing, editing, re-writing, finding a new editor, researching, drawing graphs and Q-charts, putting in the edits, copy editing, making a mock up, designing the cover, redesigning the cover, making changes, going over the table of contents with a marketing expert, changing them...do I need to say more? Rosa called it the Never Ending Story. I wanted to finish it many moons ago but could not let it go out partially finished. It is not perfect either. I would send it to the editor again for that, but...It will do! I am happy and was ready to celebrate today. How do I feel about it? I can see it being around for 400 years. It only took me about 20 to write it and all that to be around for many years!! Yes!

Here is a question if you are a reader of this blog... I know that this book is solid enough in its material to go up against The Secret, Law of Attraction book and prove that it is feel good material mixed with half-truths. I see it a detrimental book for public health. I will always contend that There Is No Power In Chaos! And the Secret perpetrates chaos! What would you think of a campaign like David vs Goliath 2? I am a small figure that is taking on a gigantic promotion that has been accepted fairly well in society. Until people realize that the ideas don't work! So here I am, David going up against Goliath. What would you suggest for promotional material in those lines? Would love to hear anyones comments!!

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