Friday, October 5, 2007

Day Ninety - And Only 4 Days Counting

I cannot say that I have been the most valiant. I suppose I could have done more. I can give excuses such as I have suffered setbacks, kidney stones with serious attacks twice, I have married a daughter, lost my morning job, facing some serious decisions in my marriage, postponed the book launch twice, the first time to October 8th, and because the book is still not here, changed the 8th of October to ??? I don't know when but I suppose to sometime in December. Besides all that, I won't mention the huge 'boca del lobo' that is open wide ready to devour me from behind. I guess I just did mention it. Oh well. I still can think of more trials, and hubbub, and obstacles that continue to make it difficult to get this book out to the public. I CAN guarantee though that the book is GOOD!

"Some of the concepts in the book are so new that you'll have to read the chapters twice. But then, it starts to sink in and you really do find yourself reading one of the finest personal development books ever written." Kevin Hogan said that. He is one of the top persuasion experts in the US.

Now if you were to ask me if I attracted all of the opposition that I mentioned before, there are 2 possibilities. One- that my mindset is generating obstacles because I really don't want to be famous or have the money that may go along with it. I suppose that I really do enjoy suffering and causing those around me and those associated with me to suffer. I block my own progress because I don't want anyone to read the book. I love suffering and therefore attract hard situations to me. That is a possibility according to 'the Secret'...but somehow, even though I do manage to maintain a positive outlook and only see those obstacles as temporary trials to see if I really do want to achieve this goal, my mind creates many obstacles.

That is one possibility.

The other possibility would be similar to others that had an objective and would not relinquish it, NO MATTER WHAT! I can think of a few. Abraham Lincoln, he had more failures and obstacles to get what he wanted to accomplish, yet we consider him to be one of the best US presidents that we have had. We even remember that he was the ??th president. *(Answer below if you don't know.) Now, we think of him as a great president, but in his day it didn't seem quite the same. "The summer of 1864 was the most dismal period of Lincoln's career. People in the North were weary of the constant calls for more men, the growing casualty lists, the lack of progress. Friends and foes alike felt certain that Lincoln could not win the election. Some Republicans appealed to the president to step down in favor of a stronger candidate, and Lincoln himself believed that he might lose." (Lincoln, A Photobiography by Russell Freedman)

Thomas Edison had almost 10,000 failures in inventing the light bulb, and we don't even think about that when we change one. If he would have quit at number 100, or at 2456, or even at 5693 he would have never been remembered for it. What if he would have quit at 9947? There were still 53 experiments to go! The point is he did continue on and I doubt he was worried if all the obstacles he was attracting to himself because of his mindset. Another man learned to swim in deep water all of his life. His name was Joseph Smith. Yes, he was even a candidate for the US Presidency! in Lincoln's day and age.

There was one other man that descended below much more than we could ever comprehend and He should have known the Secret to avoiding pain and suffering...but wait! It seems that HE did!!! I recall he said that He suffered so that we wouldn't have to!!! Now that seems to me the real Secret! You know who this man was??? Read the New Testament in the Bible to find the answer.

So my observation is that if I want to stand, even in the shadow of these great men, why should I be so privileged as to not have to pass through trials and tribulation? I guess I didn't know 'the Secret' (even though I seem to recall that Edison knew something about it, humm....???) So as I struggled today under the lousy feeling of a sore throat and a cold, I look at my trials as trivial. I will overcome and be bettered by them not embittered. Hey! I know of a good book that will be available to the public next week! It is called No Power In Chaos! Look for it on It really does give you a clue to why all the obstacles. Thanks for hanging in here with me those of you that do read this! And no worries I am ok. Just using a few examples as a teaching point. Take care and see you soon!

*16th president of the United States

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