Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Day Eighty Eight - Back to Work

Ok Monday I saw Brian's, (my new son-in-law) aunt and uncle off, Tuesday I saw his parents off and this morning I took Brian and Stefanie to the airport in Barcelona. Now it's just me and mama, and time to get busy. I have been so out of it and my ability to focus has been terribly diluted. I'd call it Hubbub! Not that I didn't enjoy the visit and wedding and the seemingly eternal parties (just kidding) It was just 2 receptions a week apart. My problem was that I tried to do the book launch along with it. That is where I have been unable to do both and be effective. Now I can focus and get back on track and make up lost ground as much as possible.

So if you are reading this...not many people do, the book launch is set for next week just the same, just that we now will do a pre-launch and save the Amazon launch for later when I know the books will be ready to ship. So watch for some progress as I kick into gear and make this work!! See you tomorrow!!!

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