Monday, December 17, 2007

A Visit Back to the Case History

This blog was a challenge simply to make a promise and keep it. Yes there are many good thoughts in it but it takes time to read through it. I have one person though that sifts through finding nuggets of wisdom, but isn't that like life itself? Many good things are not simply out in the open, we have to search for them. There Is No Power In Chaos took me a process of about 21 years to write. It is full of many truths and a formula for happiness. I know that to be true. The main idea has allowed me to act in ways that I even surprise myself. There is a poem that I wrote long before I knew why I wrote it. The wisdom of the poem is inspired. It carries me forward. I cannot express at this point of my journey why it has been me the one chosen to be the keeper of the concept that is explained in the book, but I do feel that it is a sacred responsibility to take it to the world. The opposition to bring it out has been overwhelming. The problems at times have seemed more than I wanted to deal with. But I continue to trudge along. I wish that it would go forward much faster but it seems to have its own time schedule...and I am obliged to follow.

Read on...for as long as I dwell here on earth I must continue to write and continue to expound on a concept that discovers the true power of faith. If there is one thing that I can share with you my reader it is that faith is a power, and that power is associated with happiness, joy, abundance and all other good things of life. If those are things that you seek...then learn to dominate the power of faith. There Is No Power In Chaos will give you a very good understanding of how to do that. I myself continue to learn as I teach, live, and abide by the truths contained within. I continue to become Mr. Faith as I grow my own faith. It may be one of the best books you ever read, but must decide for yourself.

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